Education and Prevention Tools

The Phi-NADO offers different tools and activities to assist teams, athletes and athlete support personnel with education programs that help relay information about anti-doping to target groups with suitable activities. Activities and materials that provide anti-doping information are customized for athletes, coaches, teachers, program officers and team managers, physicians and many others. WADA has created interactive activities such as the Play True Quiz, Play True Youth Quiz, card games, books, videos and many more that explore various subjects and concerns related to the fight against doping in sport.


This program is aimed towards introducing stakeholders with various topics and concerns related to anti-doping and raise awareness about the existence of the anti-doping organization, its activities, and history of doping in sport and target objectives of the organization. With everyone’s help, one’s involvement toward anti-doping would be better supported.

Anti-Doping for Coaches
Collegiate Anti-Doping Education

Awareness and Outreach

The Phi-NADO reaches out to all stakeholders to develop an environment of clean sport. This is done by promoting social awareness campaigns that aim to familiarize audiences with clean sport messages and inform about doping in all its forms. The Outreach Program was created to provide stakeholders with tools to deliver awareness activities in communities and various events. This program focuses on creating a positive first experience with anti-doping for all individuals – athlete or non-athlete – increasing visibility at events to enhance one’s understanding and providing an outlet for both athletes and support personnel to engage with anti-doping organization personnel. Questions and concerns can be addressed, and positive attitudes and behavior can be integrated and promoted.
Play True Quiz

WADA’s Play True Quiz is an interactive computer game with 10 questions that test the knowledge of anti-doping.

Tokyo2020 Legacy Project: “i-PLAY TRUE Relay”

Anti-Doping E-Learning (ADEL)

The Anti-Doping e-Learning platform (ADEL) offers access to all topics related to clean sport and anti-doping. It offers courses for athletes, coaches, doctors, administrators and anyone interested in learning more about anti-doping and protecting the values of clean sport.


Social Science Research

The Phi-NADO, in support of WADA’s commitment to improving evidence-based doping prevention strategies through social science research, aims to initiate more research on the diversity of anti-doping. Understanding the fundamental differences between individuals who choose to complete clean and those who resort to doping and identifying motives for doping – despite being well aware of the harmful effects of doping and anti-doping rules – will assist in ensuring that future anti-doping prevention strategies would be efficient and effective.