Athlete’s Rights and Responsibilities

Athlete's Rights

  • To have a representative or interpreter
  • To obtain additional information about the doping control process
  • To ensures no irregularities with procedures
  • To comment on the sample collection process

Athlete's Responsibilities

  • Report immediately to the Doping Control Station (DCS)
  • Comply with the sample collection procedures
  • Produce valid identification (ID)
  • Responsible consumption of any food/beverage prior to sample collection
  • Remain with chaperone's sight
  • Declare medications and supplements
  • Provide TUE, if applicable
  • Verify and sign Doping Control Form (DCF)

Doping Control Process

Results Management

It is an athlete right to:
  • Be notified of an AAF on A-sample
  • Request B-sample analysis
  • Attend the opening of B-sample
  • Appeal the decision


Athletes can appeal:
  • IF or NADO internal process
  • Other processes
  • Court of arbitration for Sport (CAS)

Ifs, NADOs and WADA also have right to appeal a decision


Possible sanctions include:
  • Disqualification of results in event
  • Disqualification of subsequent results
  • Period of inegibility (warning to life ban)
  • Consequences for teams

All details in Article 10 of the Code
Ifs, NADOs and WADA also have right to appeal a decision